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FEAST harnesses the many talents and energies of Cornwall’s artists and communities to create inspiring opportunities for people to come together and enjoy high quality arts as participants and audiences.

FEAST brings artists together with community volunteers to launch or invigorate local festivals and events. We also work with partner organisations to offer new creative ways of tackling some of the social, economic or environmental issues facing Cornwall.

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Watch our short film here to see what artists and communities have said about FEAST.

Our new Bright Sparks scheme with Cornwall Museum’s Partnership is going well. We want artists and museums to work together to generate fresh ideas for bringing more and different people through the museums’ doors to enjoy Cornwall’s unique heritage, while at the same time, perhaps, discovering something about their own creativity.   To find out more click here

We are very excited to have at last created Feast of Films, a compilation of some of the films that have been FEAST projects over the years.  To get a taste of some of the great work that has been happening click here.

We have also just introduced a new funding strand to help deepen the talent pool in Cornwall by mining the great experience of FEAST artists. Moveable Feast is a new scheme to offer support for placement opportunities within FEAST projects. To find out more click here.

Watch our short film here to see what artists and communities have said about about FEAST.

This is why helping communities make great art matters…Claire from Wadebridge decorated her walker to be part of Bike Lights.

“Now, seeing me actively celebrating my walker as a natural part of who I am, and having fun just like everyone else, they could see that using one is only the end if you let it be that in your head. So it seems that those little strings of sparkling lights have somehow had the power to change people’s lives.”

And from the Postal Service of Happiness

“I am so happy you are in my life”   – boy pupil aged 9

What more could we ask for?



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You will probably be aware of the debate taking place around Cornwall bidding to become European City of Culture. Below is the letter that FEAST has sent to press and council. If you want to add your voice to the debate please email us, and we will pass your message to the relevant people.

FEAST supports the Capital of Culture bid. For decades Cornwall has balanced conflicting demands: the needs of local people and the expectations set by tourism; the challenges for indigenous businesses and the imperative to attract investment from outside; the poverty of some communities and wealth of others. But what has remained constant through this is the profound sense of identity felt by people living in Cornwall, whether they have 6 generations in the churchyard at Pelynt, or have moved here in the last 10 years.

We have got to invest in that sense of pride. Our shared sense of who we are, our culture, is the most precious asset we have. The Capital of Culture bid would help Cornwall tell its story to the world. The real story of Cornwall, the wonderful, scary, brilliant, feisty story of people living together on a peninsula, wrapped up together and facing the world with verve.

Of course there are 1,000 things we need to put money into: roads, hospitals, social care, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t invest in our future. We have to create as well as mend. We know the benefits that other Cities of Culture have derived: financial, social and psychological change for the better.

No one should doubt that we can do this.

Who else can pull out a list like Barbara Hepworth, Virginia Woolf, Dylan Thomas, Charles Causley, Richard Trevithick, Humphrey Davy, inspired thinkers and artists working in Cornwall? Why does one of the competitor cities, Leeds, have a huge gallery devoted to Cornish artists? Who imagined and built the biggest puppet in Britain to celebrate our mining history? What makes thousands of people across Cornwall give their time and energy to create amazing cultural events for their communities? Cornwall is buzzing with creativity and a Capital of Culture bid would demonstrate our boldness. We need to make no apology. We are world class and we deserve the chance to prove it.

We applaud the cabinet for having the vision to support this bid. These are obviously difficult times, and it is easy to see why people may not understand when there are so many immediate claims on the budget. But if we don’t have the confidence to invest in our own future, who else will?