In 2008 Cornwall Council’s Creative Unit presented Arts Council England with a detailed proposal for a new community based art programme in Cornwall. Arts Council England accepted the plan and FEAST began operating.

FEAST invests in community and artist led projects and events that break new ground. We want excellent content and inventive thinking about how to involve different and new people.

FEAST wants to have a lasting effect. It encourages ideas, skills and resource sharing so that communities are left better equipped to carry on the good work.

To achieve a genuine change, which really does bring the arts home to communities, we need new ideas.  FEAST wants to draw on the best ideas from the best people across Cornwall.  That is why we have an open application process.

We also help artists and communities to develop their ideas.

In addition, FEAST works to take the arts into new areas by building partnerships with organisations that deliver on mainstream agendas.

FEAST joins up artists, projects and communities across the programme to make the whole more than the sum of its parts.

FEAST  invests in three strands:

Strand One: Firing the imagination of audiences across Cornwall.

Projects create new opportunities for more people in Cornwall to enjoy high quality arts events as audiences.

Strand Two: Taking Part

 Projects develop new participatory arts opportunities, grow confidence in participants’ own creativity and strengthen communities by initiating new opportunities for people to meet and share experiences.

Strand Three: Creativity and Mainstream Agendas

Projects are developed with a number of mainstream partners to pilot  innovative and creative ways of tackling social, economic or environmental issues facing Cornwall.

Strands One and Two are open to application from artists living or working in Cornwall – all art forms. Strand Three is commissioned.

Open Smaller Grants

In addition FEAST runs the Open Smaller Grants and Festivals Enhancement Scheme which are open to direct applications from community groups.

Cornwall Arts Centre Trust is the accountable body which is legally responsible for delivering the FEAST programme. FEAST has been developed in partnership with Cornwall Council and there is also a FEAST Advisory Group to provide creative sector expertise. FEAST is funded by Arts Council England South West and Cornwall Council.