We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Cornwall Community Foundation which will hopefully see more money released for innovative art projects bringing real benefits to communities.  For FEAST the partnership means that our grant pot is enlarged;  for Cornwall Community Foundation the partnership brings a greater diversity to their portfolio of projects and the ways in which they can support the communities of Cornwall.

How will it work?

Projects selected for the FEAST/ CCF partnership funding will not get more money – a proportion of the grant will be paid by FEAST and a proportion by CCF – but they are more likely to be successful in the first place. What this does mean is that the FEAST grant pot can go further and support more projects.

Our FEAST application system will remain unchanged.  You apply to us for the amount you need, (for Open Smaller Grants and Festival Enhancement Grants the top limit is still £1,000).  The filtering for projects which may be eligible for the CCF / FEAST partnership funding will be undertaken by the FEAST office.  We will forward likely projects to CCF for consideration and the applications will then come back to our FEAST panels for a final decision.

Do I have to do anything different?

Your contact will still be with the FEAST office.  We will undertake ALL communication with the CCF office.  There are a couple of additional pieces of information that CCF requires and if your project is selected for CCF/ FEAST partnership funding FEAST will contact you and ask you to provide this.  The additional documentation required by CCF is:

  • a signed constitution or set of rules ( we already ask the festivals to provide this)
  • the latest set of accounts ( to show that the organisation actually needs the money)
  • your BACS details

We will issue you with a contract, arrange for the payments to be made and you will use our  FEAST evaluation form for your final project report.

What could be simpler?