Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following nine projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.
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FEAST, making great art happen across Cornwall

Welcome to FEAST

FEAST harnesses the many talents and energies of Cornwall’s artists and communities to create inspiring opportunities for people to come together and enjoy high quality arts as participants and audiences. Bringing artists together with community volunteers to launch or invigorate local festivals and events. We also work with partner organisations to offer new creative ways of tackling some of the social, economic or environmental issues facing Cornwall.

We invite you to get involved as an artist, a community producer or participant.

For information and advice if you are an existing FEAST grant holder or applicant click here.

RE-IGNITION 2 – Second FEAST FUND to respond to Covid 19 challenges.

We launched the FEAST Re – Ignition Fund in March, at the very beginning of lockdown. We wanted to help artists bring their creative skills to offset some of the worst social effects of the health pandemic.

This was completely new territory. We did not know what to expect but the response from Cornwall’s artists has been amazing. We have funded 43 projects, all offering different ways of making creativity and culture an important aspect of local community life – while keeping people safe. This feedback from a Re –Ignition artist confirms we need to keep doing what we are.

“ The funding was very helpful at motivating us to continue to be creative as artists, and most importantly value our role in the community as artists. Of course, the money helped us to pay our mortgage and bills.. but it also gave us an assurance and ambition to provide something to our village that only we could.”

And this quote from someone who participates in an on line dance class is one of scores we have received, and gives a great picture of the all- round benefits of doing something creative.

“Right from the beginning of lock down [the artist] has been there for all of us, a friendly familiar fun face giving us an infectious burst of daily energy. This has helped us get going and provided a flexible structure for us around home school and work etc. Lock down at times has been hectic and tiring. However, dance completely takes your mind away and you focus. The challenges have got us thinking in a different way and will be one of the positive memories of all this.

You can read what artists have learnt about running creative projects through lockdown here.

Now as FEAST, we need to move to the next stage and commission projects which are responding to the new realities…whatever they are??

What will people want in the coming months, what will be the impacts of social distancing on cultural activities and people’s attitudes to each other, how would we respond to a second wave?

There are no experts here but between us we need to find solutions. With the full backing of our funders, Arts Council England and Cornwall Council, we are launching Re –Ignition 2 to harness the collective intelligence and energy of Cornwall’s creative sector. This time we are putting a slightly different emphasis on the questions we are asking you.

We want to know what you see as a significant issue facing your community (and this can be a geographical community or a community of interest), and what creative project you wish to run that would help tackle this issue. It’s the difference between buying a plant for your garden and then deciding where to put it, and identifying a spot in your garden and finding the plant that suits it!

We are delighted to have secured extra funding from Cornwall Community Foundation’s Emergency Fund for Re – Ignition 2. This is a recognition of the meaningful impact creative activity has on the health and well being of individuals and communities

We want to harvest your intelligence about what is going on out there and really push the boundaries of what we can do as a sector to make the world a better, kinder, fairer, more connected, environmentally sensitive and healthy place.  And in return for changing the world we can offer you a grant of up to £1,000!

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In some ways, the current situation is more difficult to respond to than complete lockdown. We are inviting ideas from artists for creative activities that will:

  • reach people feeling most vulnerable
  • respond to an identified need in the community
  • help communities to re connect and bring generations together
  • encourage people to explore their own creative and problem solving skills
  • provide new thinking about the ways we can continue to enjoy culture while staying apart

Most importantly, all of this must be achieved while keeping people safe and adhering to current distancing rules.

Remember, digital and on line is one route but not the only one. Older people are less likely to be reached digitally and there is a lot of on line noise to compete with.

There will be a monthly round until further notice. We want projects to be responsive to current context, so will expect them to be ready to go. The grant can be used to pay for your time and materials. You do not need match funding, but those applications that have attracted some other funding, or can provide some in kind contributions, will have an advantage.

Applications to extend a Re – Ignition project will be eligible, but we must have received your evaluation and you must show us how you are adapting your project to meet the changed circumstances as restrictions ease.

As with a normal FEAST grant we will expect you to be responsible for your project , have all necessary licences, insurances  permissions etc. Requirements re publicity will be suspended.

If you have not received a grant from us before – so you are not on our system – we will want your cv and a local referee to vouch for you. 

We need projects to have a life affirming impact on people. There will be ongoing uncertainty and change, so we would like you to think about how you could continue to maintain contact with your beneficiaries even if your actual project activity is over.

We will still expect an evaluation at the end of your project and as normal will keep 10% of your grant until we receive that.

We know you will understand that FEAST has limited funds and this new funding stream will still have to be competitive.  Check the FEAST criteria on our website to understand what we try to achieve. The Re-Ignition 2 application form can be downloaded from our website and check our Deadlines page.

New adventures

We are working on an exciting new venture: Bill’s Attic. Bill Mitchell, artistic director of WildWorks and Kneehigh, has left an extraordinary 40 years of creating and collecting for the benefit of artists and creators in Cornwall. Bill’s Attic is relocating to Krowji and will be managed by FEAST. We had a wonderful fund raising evening at Redruth Drapery in December and are now planning the design and relocation phase. We expect to be open by the beginning of August.

How lucky we are to live somewhere boasting such history and creativity!!

About Us

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Along with @cornwallmp, we are running a tea and cake session for artists, museums and galleries who want to connect and learn more about Bright Sparks funding. If you’re interested get in touch!!



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FEAST Stories

We ask every project to provide us with an evaluation.  We have a filing cabinet full of 11 years of amazing feedback – the highs and the lows but mostly the highs! To really understand the impact that art can have, read about some recent projects.

"FEAST has to have devised one of the best funding models I have ever come across: applications are simple, all applications are scrutinised and because the pots of money are not massive but are big enough to make something happen, artists are challenged to network, work in partnership and innovate to find other forms of money or support in kind, and this really stretches us and in a good way."
"This stretchiness has really brought communities together through the arts. Artists work hard for the FEAST logo on their work and so they should.” – An artist’s viewpoint
"I felt totally at ease even though I started off tense and so nervous. I have never felt confident enough to dance and now am keen to conquer that and continue to learn."
"We massively appreciate how you support artists and trust them to do their work. Your funding has we hope been a spring board to a much bigger venture for us and the community of Bodmin and other communities and has enabled us to test new approaches to our creative engagement with others."

Our Latest Projects

The official list of FEAST projects covering the length and breadth of Cornwall. However big or small, they are all part of the FEAST family.

Habitats as Heritage

Stitch in Time


North Cornwall Book Festival

The Bigger Picture

As well as running our core grants programmes, FEAST works in a variety of ways to make the cultural offer in Cornwall brighter and more diverse.  For example, for many years we have run a network for community led festivals in Cornwall.  We have also developed some very good partnerships  which enable us to do more: Cornwall Community Foundation matches some of our grant offers; Game Changer enables us to work with young people seeking find their path in life and Fun Palaces is a way for us to bring out the artist in everyone!

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