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All Going Nowhere Together

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‘All Going Nowhere Together’, by Naomi Frears. Commissioned for the Groundwork season of international art in Cornwall, Sunday 9 September 2018. Image: © Naomi Frears

‘All Going Nowhere Together’ was a project by St Ives-based artist Naomi Frears in collaboration with Cornwall-born, internationally renowned DJ Luke Vibert as part of the Groundwork programme.

On a bright Sunday morning in September in Pool, participants gathered to perform a choreographed parking sequence with new music constructed from sound recordings taken in Cornwall, broadcast directly into their cars through a temporary FM radio station.

This work by Frears was inspired by a project she took part in during the 1990s. She was asked to choose her favourite short journey to a beauty spot, with the soundtrack of her choice. Frears, whose father had died six weeks before, asked the driver to go up to the big car park in town playing the track We’re So Lovely by Wagon Christ (one of the many names of Luke Vibert). The music played, the car moved, for the first time since her father’s death, Naomi realised she might feel alright again.

In 2015 Frears contacted Vibert and a conversation about working together began. This summer Frears brought a group of people together to experience the joy of listening to great new music in a confined space, each car becoming a tiny nightclub and a frame for their experience that day.