Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following nine projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.
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FEAST Criteria


Criteria and Guidelines

FEAST is not an open funding pot like the Arts Council’s “National Lottery Project Grants” programme.  Its specific purpose is to generate arts and cultural activity in towns, villages and parishes across Cornwall and Isles of Scilly in a way that is highly visible to the public and the people whose decisions will affect future funding for the arts. Its focus is on community benefit rather than artist development. Before making an application, apply this thought to your project – try not to focus on what FEAST can do for you as an artist, but rather on what you and FEAST can do for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. This should steer you to the kinds of project that will be successful.

All projects will need to meet some of the following FEAST Core Criteria

1. Quality and the ability to excite 

We are looking only for work of a high professional standard that is fresh and inspiring.

2. An innovative approach to developing new audiences and involving as wide a range of people of all ages and backgrounds as possible

Projects must be for and with the community you must show how your project will include efforts to include people who would not normally get involved in arts activities.

3. Value for money

This involves several factors. In essence we are looking at what the FEAST investment will buy in terms of quality, duration and number of arts opportunities for communities.
The long term impact or legacy of the project will also inform judgements about value for money.
All projects will be expected to have found some other additional sources of funding.
The proportion of this additional funding to FEAST funding will be a factor (see Additional Criteria) but not the decisive one. Budgets must be realistic.

4. Contribution to a network of knowledge and promotion across the FEAST programme so that the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts

We want all projects funded by FEAST to help promote or support each other in some way in addition to being featured on our website.

We expect projects to meet some of the following Additional Criteria:

5. Distribute excellent cultural activity across the dispersed settlements of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Some projects will be multi-site and take place in several locations dispersed across Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, or offer a cost-effective way of effectively creating arts opportunities in our more rural villages and settlements

6. Address issues arising from lack of venues and access, particularly in the North and East

We are interested in creating new arts opportunities for more people in a wider diversity of places. We have a particular priority in North and East Cornwall which does not have the same built arts infrastructure as the Mid and West.

7. Cultivate local cultural leadership (place-based leadership) and leave a legacy of skills, confidence, and enthusiasm

ALL projects must be embedded within a community(ies).
Some projects will offer particular opportunities for artists to pass on skills to local volunteers and activists so that they are more able to lead and grow their own cultural events.
We like to see projects that support young (under 30) and older professionals.
Where relevant, projects should advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not (Equality Act 2010)

8. Link the creative sector and community led cultural and celebratory activity (to bring sustainability, excitement and high production values to community events)

We are interested in projects which will add another dimension to existing community events.

Artists must provide evidence that this is what the organisers want.

(NB. Community groups/organisers can apply to bring in an artist to work with them under the Open Smaller Grants/ Festivals Enhancement Strands.)

9. Add value to programmes already being delivered by cultural sector organisations

Organisations can propose projects which enable them to generate significantly more community benefits from existing programmes of work.
This may also involve new partnerships.
Develop new professional collaborations or new models of working to help make your creative business more resilient.

10. We are interested in projects which enable artists/ organisations to trial new ways of working with the potential to strengthen their business financially or increase sustainability

Examples may include:
New models for producing and touring work.
Projects which could become social enterprises.
New collaborations which could generate more income or reduce costs.
Increasing the % of workforce earning real living wage.
Improving productivity for your and other businesses in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.
Contributing positively to Cornwall and Isles of Scilly economy, environment, and equality through new methods of purchasing/procurement.
Projects that encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Projects that reduce gender pay gap.

11. Partner with other sectors, for example the health sector, environmental sector or police, to offer a creative way of engaging with some of the social, economic or environmental issues that face Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Contribute to a Safe, Healthy, Resilient Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Communities and compliment the Environmental Growth Strategy for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

We will expect applicants to provide evidence of the interest/support of a partner organisation which is not from the cultural sector but which may inform:
Reduction in CO2 emissions and reduction in use of virgin raw materials.
Recycle reuse principles
Nature recovery

12. Draw in additional funding

The level of funding secured for the project from other sources will be taken into account.

Projects must prove funding in kind or match funding from other funders.
Attracting private sector green finance income to Cornwall and Isles of Scilly is particularly desirable.

13. Become sustainable long term or create additional opportunities for communities once the project itself is over

We are interested in the “stickability” of the project and this may take many forms:
Has the project built the skills of the community and an appetite to continue that activity?
Can the project carry on longer term with no/ reduced funding?
Can it be run on a commercial or voluntary basis?
Will a local leader build on the achievements of the project in some way?
Will the project maximise opportunity for people with disability and ill health (including mental health)?
Will the project maximise work-based opportunities for those with special educational needs and  disabilities, particularly relating to spectrum disorders and dyslexia?
Will the project support for the ageing population to remain economically active?
Will the project assist individuals with complex barriers to employment to access opportunities?

14. Engage with issues that resonate with Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

FEAST is a programme for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.
Some projects will have something particular to say about Cornwall and Isles of Scilly today or will respond to issues which are particularly pressing in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly eg. the effect of tourism on small communities.