Feast of Films

Over 8 years we have seen some really great films made with the help of FEAST funding. For the first time we have pulled some of these films together here. First up is the FEAST film, which explains what we do and why it is important to Cornwall. Second is our slide show with images from numerous FEAST projects plus an extraordinary list of all the communities which have had FEAST projects.

The other films have all been made by film makers in Cornwall. Some, such as the Dementia Uncovered films and Mazed were commissioned as a set, and are probably best enjoyed when viewed in this way. The rest are a wonderful collection whose hallmark is variety and vigour. We have everything from short animations to full length feature films! Enjoy.

Click here to view the Any Resemblance films

The reasons for FEAST – by artists and communities.

A conservative list of all the places, big and tiny, that  FEAST
has benefitted, along with some of our favourite images from the last 8 years

This video diary captures the journey of 3 apprentices who
spent 6 weeks working on Rogue’s Winter Woods show as part
of a FEAST / Creative Skills project funded by the Paul Hamlyn
Foundation.  If you ever need an argument for why we should
give the next generation a helping hand, this is it.

Weekend Retreat: Our first full length feature film!

Living it Loving it: A glorious celebration of Liskeard and its residents

Paper Scissors Stone: This stunning community made animation
was projected on the old church in St Day.


Mazed: The folk tales  of South East Cornwall, depicted in
10 short animations made by 10 different artists – some students,
some professional

Horn of Plenty: A Cornish story and Cornish festivals –
as seen through the eyes of Will Coleman

Malabar Boys: Brett Harvey’s specially commissioned film
about the estate where he grew up

Rogue Kitchen 1 : Angelina is the new Nigella. Ingredients:
a fire pit, foraged herbs, a story, chocolate cake and eating together.

The Hungry Giant: Primary school children’s animation project

Clocktower Artists Animation: Another beautiful set of images
for outdoor projection in St. Day to celebrate the renovation
of the clock tower.

Dementia Uncovered

This set of 6 short films were commissioned to provide 6 original interpretations of poems written with people with dementia.

These extraordinary films have been shown in care and health settings across the country and provide a completely new perspective on dementia.