Deadlines and decision dates 2018

Please note that your project must not begin until at least 3 weeks after the decision date.


 Main Grants

Audience Development

Stage One deadline: February 8th

Stage Two deadline: March 15th

Interview: March 27th



Stage One deadline: March 15th

Stage Two deadline: April 26th

Interview: May 10th


Open Smaller Grants / Festivals Enhancement

Deadline:                                                 Decision date:


January 14th                                          January 24th

March 20th                                              March 30th

May 13th                                                 May 24th

July 1st                                                   July 11th

September 9th                                        September 20th

October 29th                                           November 8th



Bright Sparks

Deadline 2nd round                                    Decision date

To be confirmed