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Movable FEAST


Over 8 years of FEAST we have developed a great network of artists and portfolio of projects. There is now an enormous amount of knowledge and skill in Cornwall about how to deliver successful participatory projects which really encourage people’s own creativity.

We think it is time that we made more of that skills pool and created opportunities for artists newer to the industry to learn in practical ways from artists who are experienced in leading FEAST participatory projects.

To do this, we are offering Movable Feast – a grant of up to £1,000 to artists/ arts organisations wishing to offer a meaningful training placement opportunity for an emerging artist  on a FEAST  project which is participatory in nature. The grant can only be used towards paying a bursary to the placement artist.

We are running Movable Feast as a separate and new funding stream –  additional to the existing ones.  You can apply for FEAST funding just as before and will not be disadvantaged if you do not offer any training placement opportunities.

Please note that Movable Feast will only support placements in projects which are participatory.

If you want to be persuaded about why it would be worthwhile offering an opportunity to a young artist, please have a look at the video diary made by the three apprentices supported by FEAST, through a grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. They each had a six week placement on Rogue’s Winter Woods.

The FEAST office is here to offer advice.  In some cases it may be possible for us to help with recruitment.


Placement artists must  be paid a bursary.  We are setting a guideline of a minimum of £60/day.

Projects can be of any scale. We think that placements of a few days on a small scale project could be valuable for some people, as well as projects offering a longer term opportunity for involvement.

You will be legally responsible for both the project and the people working on it and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary safeguards and insurances in place.

We will expect you to support the learning of the placement artist in all practicable ways, including by preparing some form of framework which encourages both you and the placements artist to reflect on what is being learnt throughout the project eg by a written journal, or video journal

We are establishing a two stage application process.  We do not want to skew the balance of projects funded by FEAST by adding an additional criteria relating to training opportunities. At the same time we want placement opportunities that are embedded in the project and offer genuine work and learning.

So, if you do want to apply for FEAST funding for a participatory project that contains a placement opportunity these are the steps.

  1. Apply to FEAST for your project.  We will judge your project on its merits against the criteria on our website. It will be given no extra weighting or penalties if it includes a potential placement opportunity.  We will, however, want to see clearly how a placement artist could fit in.The placement must bring benefit to both the placement artist and the project.  In your FEAST application you need to explain the work a placement artist could undertake and show the costs in your budget.  We expect the placement artist to be an integral part of the project but you must also explain how the project could go ahead if you do not raise the money to pay their bursary.
  2. Once you have secured FEAST funding for the project, you can apply to Movable Feast (details below).  A successful Movable Feast application is NOT guaranteed.

We will want to know:

(If you wish you can copy and paste any relevant information from the FEAST application.)

We will consider applications competitively on a rolling 6 week basis.  Funds are limited and we will close the scheme for the year once all the funds allocated to Moveable Feast have been committed.