Who can apply?

To be eligible for the FEAST Main Grants, Audience Development and Audience Participation, you must be a practicing artist or a professional creative organization based in Cornwall. We expect applicants to show that they have a real knowledge of / connections with the community in which they intend to work and to provide evidence of community support for the project.

We accept applications from schools but the project must involve the wider community and bring significant community benefits.  We cannot fund activity which is the core remit of the school and which should be funded through educational budgets.

We accept applications from people who are under 18 as long as you apply with an adult mentor who will provide a reference.

To be eligible for FEAST Open Smaller Grants you must represent a community organization which is constituted or which has a set of rules to govern its operation. We understand ‘community’ as a collection of people defined by you: a village, a football team, a book club. Joint applications from community activists and professional artists are welcome.

To be eligible for the FEAST Festival Enhancement Grant you must be a member of the Cornwall Festival Network working with a professional artist, and have an idea about how to invigorate your programme. We will not support the core costs of the festival: applications must be for something artistically new.


You are not eligible to apply to FEAST if you are

A full time student when the project is part of your student work

Promoting a political or religious point of view

Embarking on a commercial project