Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following nine projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.
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Digital Bill’s Attic


Before the collection left the attic, artists were invited to respond to the space, this project centres on one such response. Scott Fletcher proposed an extensive digital documentation of the architecture, the objects and their soon to be lost relationship.

The digitisation of Bill’s Attic was delivered over two stages; asset collection and experience production.

Stage.1 is now complete, Stage.2 is in pre-production, both are outlined on this page.

A comprehensive digital documentation of Bill’s Attic was essential to record the interplay between the objects and their original environment.

Because while the collection will live on and even grow, the uniqueness and power of its first home, the attic will not.

For information on the Bill’s Attic digital archive please email: [email protected]


This first stage of digital archiving was a comprehensive digital recording of the attic before the collection was moved to its new home.

A complete audio/visual mapping that combined photogrammetry of architecture & artefacts, 360 photography & videography and ambisonic audio techniques

The aforementioned processes provided us with a range of raw, production and public assets

These assets:


3D Photogrammetry

Over 100,000 Raw images were taken over a number of shoots and composited to create a complete 3D photogrammetry map off the attic

Certain objects were recorded in even higher detail to allow a more in depth 3D investigation


Desk 1

Desk 2


All image files (raw and developed) will be made available as artist resources


360 Images & Videos

Using the Kandao Obsidian R 360 camera we recorded




The ambisonic audio capture of the attic’s overall tone, as well as response sounds for a number of the objects and collections

Some audio recordings have been been used as part of Stage.1, many more will be used in the Stage.2 development

All audio files (raw and developed) will be made available as artist resources



Developed to demonstrate the potential for evocative exploration of a real space that no longer exists

Volumetric scan data of the entire attic was converted into detailed 3D model and through Unity developed into a short VR experience

Available to download here.

Development Files


Steve Tanner has taken many beautiful photographs in Bills Attic, going back many years

The full collection can be viewed at


It is our intension to make all digital assets available for reference and download

This will manifest as a online interactive archive that allows an evocative exploration of Bills Attic
Available for desktop or tablet, this will be a unique archive experience, in what it does and how does it.


The digital collection now exists as a vast array of versatile high-quality assets; mostly raw files, some development and a few public ready

Stage.2 will see the creation of an exploratory digital archive that combines these new assets into a portal that hosts all past and future artistic responses to Bill’s legacy

An ambitious reimagining of what archives can be, this project will draw on expertise from archivists, artists and technologists

It will provide access to those not ever able to attend.

Click here for the Digital Bill’s Attic
Click here for Bill’s Attic at Krowji