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Physical Postcards Summer 2021


Physical Postcards are back for Summer 2021 

Due to fabulous feedback from participants, Active Cornwall and Public Health Cornwall are supporting Dance Centred to extend their Physical Postcards programme.

Each postcard has delightful fun images on the front and clear illustrations and text prompts on the back for simple ideas and ways to motivate the mind to move the body at home, seated or standing.

Supported by a welcome letter, a cheerful message from the Dance Centred team and goodbye letter with the last card, they encourage a sense of connection to others.

They are FREE and sent weekly through the post for 12 weeks.

Active Cornwall have distributed a sign up card to everyone who has been identified on the Critically Extremely Vulnerable and Digitally Excluded list for Public Health Cornwall.
This invites them to sign up and contact Dance Centred with their name and address by May 21st. They will then receive 12 Physical Postcards, one a week for 12 weeks starting from May 28th.

Some feedback received from Physical Postcard participants

“Thank you for showing me I CAN be physically active, It was a lovely surprise to receive them and try out something new.”

“They shouted “you are not alone” and “someone is thinking about you” and “here’s a helping hand”

They were like a shaft of light in the dark, you said you would send 12 and you did!” 

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